My 1st Jouvert 2019

We had been preparing for this night in the days prior. The morning before we picked up our “Dirty Medics” kit. Which included a shirt, assorted snacks, a cup for alcohol, and a bag to carry your things. I knew little to nothing about Jouvert and just how intensely beautiful and consuming the celebration would be. Dirty Medics was the band with which we danced thru the streets. We were geared to start our trek at 3 am and would not stop walking or dancing til 7 am. 

The crew [email protected]_m
@khlavia123 @rotiandsex @_hazelkash

First things first, style. In this case don’t worry about style, you want to be as comfortable as possible and in clothes that you can toss. During the trek we were all throwing colored paints and powders. Which started as a mosaic turned into a smudge and smear of red that covered everything.


Me @ las Cuevas beach Trinidad

Now one of the coolest parts of this voyage was the drink truck.

During the whole walk there are huge open trailers with people serving drinks. I’m sure I have surpassed my limit of drinking for the year. This was also a great way to cap off the end of my drinking anyway. I promised myself by 30 I wouldn’t touch alcohol. As the music blared and the energy of the crowd stayed constant I caught a second wind. After attending 4 fetes(or parties) leading to Jouvert I for sure thought I would tap out. 

I remember a time when I was so covered in paint I couldn’t see. But I could feel everyone move around me and I chose to rely on the feel.

And in that feel was a freedom.

A freedom created in a unity that only music and movement could combine. We were all in a trance. Being herded like sheep. But we were asking for it. If there was one thing that would and could lead us to a happier place it was in the music. 

After marching, singing, and dancing for hours we ended up at a huge wall with guys spraying Water hoses. I thought the water would remove some of the paint but it really was just to cool us down. I really enjoyed myself and want to make this a tradition. 

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