The Awesome Experience of JZL VOL. 2 Empress of Dreamz

The Empress of the DMV also known as JZL has not only become a seasoned rapper, writer, femcee. But also model that has graced Nicole Millers Runway show during this passt New York Fashion Week.

Jzl for Nicole Miller
Jzl at Mark De Alwis Salon

With major moves like this the beauty is surely headed to the TOP of more than just the Hip-Hop charts.

From beginning to end VOL. 2 Empress of My Dreamz leaves you wanting more.

The Awesome Experience of Jzl

From the original fresh approach to the relatable charm she oozes on every track. She just might be the girl you know. 


JZL comes out swinging. Delivering bar for bar line for line heat. 


Highlights an original  bounce the world is for sure to fall in love with. I haven’t felt or heard something as bubbly charismatic in such a long while. To meet this goddess and actually experience her energy this track gives me left me floored. This Howard Grad did not come to play;

JZL -“if you wanna play with me you might face your fatality’s Bittersweet” 


“I’m everything they not ! The time is mine o’clock.” The piano reminded me of an Eminem track or maybe it was her confidence. The track contains and proclaims a  strong message of female empowerment.

First Date 

JZL pulls you deeper into this dream. A dream that I’m not sure you want to wake up from. He snappy, elegant and Uber confident delivery automatically makes this song stand out. Citing places like the National Harbor it not only feels like home. But serves as a reminder of just how beautiful my surroundings are. As she tells the story of future projections during a first date. 

Jzl by @MarcoGlaviano

Happy Hour 

 She continues to flow over the transcendent production by Sik. This party anthem serves as a reminder of how full of life JZL is.

Goal Diggaz 

Is a women’s anthem. Paper chasing with a self declaration of respect. This is a women’s world and it’s clear to see. 

Cruise Control 

takes you on a ride that you don’t want to end. But every thing is temporary this lifetime. Love happens quick enjoy it while you can. With a chorus that reminds you just how musically inclined JZL is proclaims “you see the wheel grab a hold, and keep your eyes on the road and out it in Cruise Control.”


reminded me of the girl I met in the studio. She was charismatic, bubbly and just gives off a sense of class and regality  you can’t miss. It’s a story about a man who made a few mistakes. Maybe he will get another chance tonight … 

Carpe Diem

simply put is all about enjoying the NOW! The video shows JZL and her friends enjoying a beautiful summer day. Check the video out down below!

Bonus TRACK 1:


which I had the pleasure of working with JZL on. Is an ode to the model/ rappers love for fashion. As well as a very important life lesson about material and just how little it has to do with your worth. Things are just things. And maybe we should enjoy them for what they are.

The last track on Vol. 2 Empress of My Dreamz is called Times Up. I guess when your headed to the Top it can get so lonely. And I totally can relate. 

All in all the project is just the beginning of an illustrious career for the femcee. I look forward to watching and hearing her grow as an artist. Please go get your copy of the LP at 

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