World Pride 2019.

I can’t really explain just how amazing and fufilling the experience was.

I was surrounded by beautiful people who were aware.

Not only aware of themselves but just how much their energy really favored them in their successes. This level of awareness almost always assured this air of confidence. I for sure know I’m addicted to. 

World ride 2019. New York, NY

Now let’s get into the history a little. WorldPride was run in conjunction with The Stonewall 50. The Stonewall uprising occurred June 28, 1969 in Greenwich village neighborhood. The uprising was a period that lead to spontaneous violent demonstrations due to neighborhood police riots. The events that transpired have been curated as the beginning of the “gay liberation movement”. And I came to stand up and stand out.

Times have changed. And can i say I’m happy that they have so I could enjoy this experience a little more and under less scrutinizing circumstances. Since time is slowly healing all…..

WorldPride 2019.
WorldPride 2019.

I don’t actually have a coming out  story because my parents are to laid back for all that crap. From the beginning I was allowed to be Khalfani and I really appreciate it looking back. From a very young age I was allowed to express myself not saying that some times it didn’t rub them wrong. But my parents tried their best to really be supportive and not as critical as I believe they could have been. 

Visiting NYC every year for Pride has turned into such a normal thing. I spend the Holiday or celebration with my best friend from college. Who I truly, honestly love and adore. Our first night was spent inside a beautiful mirror filled loft in the sky. We smoked, we shared, we learned a little more about each other. I don’t ever mention my friends names on here but there will be pictures. 

WorldPride 2019.

We spent the most of our time engaging instead of running the bars. It was far more spiritually satisfying. 

WorldPride 2019 X BALENCIAGA

I did catch a few glimpses of the Parade but being that I am vertically challenged I missed a lot. I did witness Vanessa Williams on a float lip syncing for life. Lol She is really beautiful in person I will say. All in all my “WorldPride” experience was a success. 

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