My 1st Jouvert 2019

We had been preparing for this night in the days prior. The morning before we picked up our “Dirty Medics” kit. Which included a shirt, assorted snacks, a cup for alcohol, and a bag to carry your things. I knew little to nothing about Jouvert and just how intensely beautiful and consuming the celebration would […]

Cambodia Day 1

We made it to Cambodia. It took about 11 hours to get here. We hit the Cambodian boarder after 8 hours from Thailand. Then took a private bus to Siem Reap. It was totally worth it. I thought the people of Thailand were beautiful Cambodia is filled with the most stunning people. The children are […]

Welcome to Bangkok

Yesterday we took an adventure to Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and I honestly had no idea. I was so enthused just to get there after learning more about Bangkok on our way. We took a bus from Pattaya and the ride was roughly about two hours. The vibe of the city was […]

Day 2. Crab Legs no pants.

— Blue Crab from Beach at Pattaya. — Fresh tuna and blue crab dip. So the mission today was crab legs at all cost. I found myself back at the beach, and the hnt for beautiful crabs was super simple. Now when I tell you they charged me almost thee exact price it would cost […]

Day 1. Thee Arrival

— Streets Of Pattaya — Beijing International The Journey was well worth the wait. From Washington, D.C. it took me almost exactly 24 hours to get here. And that did include a 4 hour delay. Before leaving Washington it decided to snow and slowed down the process. I believe we took off maybe 30-45 mins […]