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I have an  obsession with Fashion. I don’t get to share my expression when it comes to style as often as I would like. So every week I will be highlighting a set of hand picked pieces by designers from around the world that you don’t wanna miss. 

The Men’s Headwrap , Scarf ,Turban 

has become a high fashion staple. Not only is the headwrap a statement piece. It will be serving me as an aide in my protective styling. I’m already imagining my Afro highlighted by some of the most beautiful clothes. 





Have you heard about Mexico City’s breakout designer Roberto Sanchez. His baby clown imagery has been seen on artist such Bad-Bunny and is now making the rounds internationally. 



I don’t know about you guys but my Spring is always non-stop. Being constantly on the go from the gym to dinner, to the studio a little carry bag is necessary to keep all my essentials together. This pouch by @print_ugly by SNO @_sno_ugly_ is not only stylish but so useful. Head on over to

To purchase the pouch and check out so many more graphically insane pieces you MUST HAVE!!



Saucony has dropped the ultra Nostalgic Grid Azura 2000. Originally a concept sneaker was a collab with Streetwear label Bodega. This collaboration actually started the beginning of the year with a blue and lime green pair and just three months later these new Spring colors have been released. 



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See you next week. 

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