Eating Clean Made Simple

Styled by Kevin Tong.
  1. Stay away from anything processed. If it has an expiration date within 10 days it’s a GO! 
  2. Avoid deep fried foods if possible. Oven baked is such a good alternative.
  3. When eating meat try to keep the portion to the size of your fist. Our bodies literally process meat way slower and it puts our organs thru more work as well. 
  4. Lean towards your power proteins like fish because they are usually low in fat, white-meat poultry serves up great amounts of lean protein. And don’t forget your eggs, beans, and nuts. 
  5. Greens greens and more greens. From kale to avocado. Try to always incorporate a leafy vegetable into your meals. I really love greens and Brussels sprouts. Sautéed them with some onions some garlic, pepper, and sea salt= life changing. 
  6. If your a fan of the sweet beverage trade in your soda for soda water with a crystal light packet. Thank me Later. It’s soda vibes with a tremendous amount less of the sugar.
  7. Water WATER water! It’s a must we are made up of 80% water. So try this… whatever your weight is attempt to drink half that in ounces. So if your 150 pounds drink about 75 ounces of water a day. Your skin, hair, nails and insides will start to thank you within a week. 
  8. Trust your gut! Take your time and eat. The mind does not register with the digestive system instantly. So allow yourself to process your food and don’t be afraid to come back to the plate. Food is gas you need great gas to function your best.

I hope these tips help… I will be sharing some of my fitness secrets soon. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and share with friends 😁

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