Laguna Beach Resort III The Maldives

After being home from Cambodia a few days we decided to head to a resort a couple a mins from home base.The Laguna Beach Resort consist of 3 separate compounds. Each compound features an exclusive water park. The Maldives was beautiful. There was a man made beach and the sizes in person was just amazing. 


Man made beach of The Laguna Beach Resort III Thailand

The gym was placed overlooking one side of the pool. There was an endless lazy river as well. I believe there was a bar on top of the gym. The set up was just so beach which is my thing. I plan on living on a beach for awhile this lifetime. So I’ve been checking out as many as possible.

Now the problem with the Resort was its location. Because of development the three compounds seem to be surrounded by nothing and a little ways from town. It is a walk however the stray dogs make it a feat. 

The stay was overall really calming and served as a mini vacation on vacation. I remember laying around for hours watching the sun come up in the big bedroom windows. It’s a feel I could live with forever. 


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