Cambodia Day 1

We made it to Cambodia.

It took about 11 hours to get here. We hit the Cambodian boarder after 8 hours from Thailand. Then took a private bus to Siem Reap. It was totally worth it. I thought the people of Thailand were beautiful Cambodia is filled with the most stunning people. The children are all adorable. And the culture and history oozes into the streets. My first night here was magical. 

To Cambodia with Love.

We hit the Airbnb which is fire.

The pictures did no justice. I believe we paid something like $78 for 3 nights. Everything is really reasonable. And they use several currencies but USD is the most common. We changed and then headed out to city center Siem Reap to grab a bite to eat. There was food from every culture on the streets and plenty of restaurants. The food indigenous to the people of Cambodia is called Khmer. You can literally get a full meal for $3 USD. I ended up getting fish tacos and fresh chips and salsa for $2 USD. The store owner was very nice and the food was amazing. 

Happy Taco, Siem Reap.

And then there was the night.

We hit  PubStreet were our drinks were a $1 each.   PubStreet was so bright and vibrant. Every restaurant was playing music and draped in lights. I’m not too much of a drinker but dollar drinks will sway your judgement. The later it got the more magic PubStreet became. The locals are so friendly. I look forward to my next three days in the country.

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