Day 2. Crab Legs no pants.

Blue Crab from Beach at Pattaya.

Fresh tuna and blue crab dip.

So the mission today was crab legs at all cost. I found myself back at the beach, and the hnt for beautiful crabs was super simple. Now when I tell you they charged me almost thee exact price it would cost in America, I mean it. I can say the quality and the freshness of the crab was unmatched. I’m currently considering the full pescatarian lifestyle so it was a really good palette experience.

I did order shrimp and broccoli as well as an extra side of white rice. For anyone wondering why white rice, I’m currently on the BRAT diet due to a stomach virus . As if this wasn’t enough…. I ended up throwing some of my leftover crab into a tuna dip concoction. Composed of tuna, boiled egg, red peppers, onion, two table spoons of oil based fresh dressing and fresh ground pepper. Accompanied with these rosemary olive oil crackers that are just Super flavorful. 

Also the eats excited me so much I forgot I still don’t have luggage. At this point I know it was stolen and someone is walking around with fake locks and a Gucci waist bag looking like Zell Swagg for free😳😂😂. I honestly have to say LOVE is crutch and I have become such a different guy over the years. Years ago I would have fallen a part with the thought of thousands of dollars worth of stuff just vanishing. But I’m so full so, filled, and fueled off of the beauty surrounding me I can’t concentrate on anything else. I thank God for surrounding me with such a brilliant chunk of energy. I always ponder in the back of mind can this life get better, and it just does.

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