Day 1. Thee Arrival

Streets Of Pattaya

Beijing International

The Journey

was well worth the wait. From Washington, D.C. it took me almost exactly 24 hours to get here. And that did include a 4 hour delay. Before leaving Washington it decided to snow and slowed down the process. I believe we took off maybe 30-45 mins later than scheduled. However the plane I rode (Air China) was amazing. I laid across all three plush seats with pillows and blankets supplied. I might of slept a good 50% of the ride to Beijing. It got real tricky in Beijing because my plane too Bangkok took off as we arrived. That’s were that extra four hours kicked in. Travel wise the trip wasn’t too bad. 

It’s day one and I’ve only been in Pattaya for a couple hours. In this brief stint I found myself eating an All-American breakfast and chugging down one of the freshest mango smoothies I’ve ever tasted. About 40 paces from the beach. 

The water was so clear. I honestly have been praying I stepped foot on a beach this year. I think this is the first time in my life I hadn’t stepped on the beach in two years. Also I find I’m going to have to make a thing to bring my phone or my iPad to capture some moments while  out. Today I walked right back out the house with not a device and ended up on a beach and diner I will most likely blog from a lot. 


can I say …
The people of Thailand are beautiful. I for sure know it has everything to do with their deep  brown skin. There is also this unspoken closeness in the community you can just feel. It is a little humid but it is honestly so manageable because I’m wearing the least amount of clothes possible. Shorts and tanks are the way to survive this place. 


My baggage is lost and will be sent to the condo. I so hope so. There were so many goodies I brought in preparation for this trip. Just things that would not only remind me of home but make my experience a little easier to keep track of. 

I cannot wait to see more of the country the city and taste the food as well. Which I am currently not really allowed to dabble in. I’m coming out the end of a painful stomach virus. I hope I’m just days away from breaking the virus completely. And I can’t wait to share as much as possible with you guys!

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  1. Ahh ! Off to an amazing start. The pictures look great, I cant wait for you to eat MORE and well i’m not surprised your bags got messed up passing through China smh but all in due time.

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