Welcome to Bangkok

Yesterday we took an adventure to Bangkok. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and I honestly had no idea. I was so enthused just to get there after learning more about Bangkok on our way. We took a bus from Pattaya and the ride was roughly about two hours. The vibe of the city was so New York it startled me. The only difference to me was the attire. The fashion in Thailand is so relaxed. The weather is usually so nice that that less is better. Harem pants and T-shirt’s are definitely the sway here. It’s usually above 85 daily. 

The architecture was stunning.

Streets of Downtown Bangkok

The buildings were so tall and really visually appealing. It was a little bit of a mash up in some areas because some of the original architecture stood place between high rise condos. But it really preserved and spoke really beautifully to Thai culture. First thing first I have to talk food. Thailand has been doing me so well.

Yesterday while in Bangkok we ate Sun Rise Taco Grill.

Sunrise Taco
Mango sticky rice.

I ordered one grilled chicken taco on a fried corn tortilla. I also ordered a shredded steak taco and the flavors were crazy. I was craving Spanish food. The chips were fresh and to top it off there was a salsa bar in the middle of the restaurant. With almost 10 different salsa variation including a fresh avocado salsa.

We later ventured into the Khaosan Road and explored the Grand Palace area.

I didn’t have time to visit the Grand Palace but we are heading back in a few days to check out as many of the beautiful palaces in Thailand. Khaoson was filled with indoor/outdoor bars with specials like a bucket of any alcohol you wanted for $5 usd. The street was filled with music and exotic foods. You guys I have to eat a fried scorpion they are just calling my name. I am a Scorpio and I feel like my animal is leaking out a little bit. I will make sure I capture the moment. 

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