New Music New WAVE🌊

I’ve been dabbling

into playing the melodies I hear and taking steps to produce the scratch records I hear. I am currently in Thailand where I met @supastardefined another lyricist, producer, photographer, overall  visionarie who helped bring the track to life.

Bedroom Studio Thailand

I have been wanting to collaborate with writers and branch out in terms of sound mixing and mashing. You can hear so many different influences in this sound. 

Lately I have been feeling alittle drab.

So this all started on the flight from DC to China. I was hearing this melody in my head and I knew it was possible to pull something off on garageband. So I sat with the bass line a bout two days before I started to try and grasp a melody. It came more organically than most recent so I hope you guys enjoy the clip and agree to ride the WAVE. 

I hope that this blend becomes signature and the sound of the NEXT.

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