Jomtien Beach The LOVE Look Book

Our adventure to the Beach at Jomtien was more like a cleanse.

We spent the day zooming thru the streets of the island of Pattaya without a care in the world. The motorbike rental made it easy to just get out and see. As soon as we made it to the most southern end of the beach my brain went visual. The way the sun rolled off the edge of the ocean as the waves crashed so peacefully against the walls. 

The rocks the water crashed against reminded of how the coast makes me feel. ALIVE! There is always this feeling of infinity when I’m around water. Water restores my flow. The smell, the sound, the feel, brings me an always certain calm. After stopping for fresh squeezed smoothies I was fully energized and my imagination was on full tilt. 

I had stumbled across a fashion ad on pinterest that had inspired me to take on my own visual fiasco. The image was of a man carrying a man. But I wanted more unity, more strength more depth. After writing a journal entry which I’m sure is about 4 pages long a few days ago. I became alittle more enamored with the pictures painted of the black man. 

Jomtien The Love Lookbook

I have constantly gone toe to toe with myself about sharing especially after the personal experiences I have endured. But inspite of much pushback I believed the right decision was to be present this life. I am an artist my job was to curate and share the wildest sides of perception in hopes change will occur. To hide my inner desires or what I believed to be beautiful was punishment. 


Growing up I never felt represented entertainment wise. Which is a tremendous deal to me as creation was  my source, spark, and reason. My main course Is music but I have been dreaming whole world’s since I was 5. And by the time I could write I was writing comics and books of heroes only I knew. 

Let the Boy Love

I could not fail the next generation.

I hope these images inspire LOVE & HOPE. The GOAL is not acceptance but presence. I don’t care how you feel about me others will know it’s OK to love and to live. This is an ode to young love and old love. Just an outright salute to LOVE! I hope this grows culture and pushes love forward. 


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